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Our range of facilities are as summarised below:

  • Manufacturing plant spanning over 30,000 sq.ft - centrally air-conditioned.
  • Complies WHO GMP guidelines.
  • Has had the distinction of manufacturing for several leading national and multinational companies on contract manufacturing.
  • The product mix for the prescription trade in the Indian market is considered as an excellent blend.
  • Capsule filling and sealing - 30,000 / 8hrs. Tabletting - 70,000 to 1,00,000 per 8 hrs.
  • Ample space for storage of Raw Materials and packing material.
  • Excellent logistic support
  • Qualitative customer care support

Quality Standards

It is an overriding impulse at CHEMECH LABORATORIES LTD., to ensure quality at all costs. To this end, every facility has been provided. The Research and Development and Quality Assurance Departments form the moral backbone of the Company. Thanks to their very stringent self-imposed standards, products from CHEMECH LABORATORIES LTD have merited the unquestioned trust of the Medical Profession. In fact, it is a tradition to send finished products randomly selected from any batch, to well known laboratories for testing when called for. This provides corroborative assurance that the products for CHEMECH LABORATORIES LTD., confirm to the highest international standards.

Research activities in Chemech broadly covers the field of Biologicals, Pharmacokinetices, CHEMECH's R&D facilities have sophisticated equipments and incorporate high-tech procedures, extensive research and documentation; in addition information support for the medical fraternity is published.

CHEMECH's medical services and clinical support are invaluable and are today considered as practical tools by the medical fraternity.



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